As a leader or HR manager, we know that you take the lead when it comes to workplace wellness, especially employee mental wellbeing.

As we all adjust to our ‘new normal,’ we all are beginning to understand that almost every employee’s performance is being impacted by stressful circumstances related to the pandemic.

More than ever before, employees are faced with an array of new organizational processes and changes.

The impact of the increasing pressures on employees has led to a growing rise in a range of mental, psychological, and physical discomfort cases manifesting as headaches, fatigue, sleep disorders, hypertension, depression, substance abuse, etc.

Its effects include reduced productivity, low morale, fatigue, and even burnout leaving organizations with a negative impact on profits.

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So what can you do differently?


How can you better manage employee mental wellbeing in the workplace to increase productivity for your organization?

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You can start by expanding your role!


Help employees gain a better work-life balance and feel more confident and optimistic about their jobs and workplace

For more tips and tools on managing employee mental wellbeing, sign up for this Manah HR Managers Toolkit for Mental Health at Work course.

Experience the difference and learn how to create a healthy work environment for employees.

HR Managers Toolkit for Mental Wellbeing at Work


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