We are building a community of coaches who work with founders as they build their dreams and change the world.


If you are interested to work with a coach, please join us.

We are offering a limited group of founders heavily subsidized coaching sessions with our select coaches.

To setup an initial call with our team, and identify if coaching is right for you, please call us for a free consultation.



How do i start?

Call us at +91 8800667850 or email us at to schedule an initial consultation. Our counselor will talk to you over a video call and work with you to help understand the problems you are facing and formulate a plan for coaching or counselling sessions, determine what it will involve, and allocate a counselor/coach who will be a good fit for you.

What can you expect during the session?

Most of the sessions will happen over the video call. We will spend the first session really getting to know you. At your initial consultation, you’ll share with your counselor the problems you are having, and what you’d like to be different. Your Coach or Counselor will share with you their sense of how much they’ll be able to help you, and you’ll get a good sense of your comfort and confidence in your Coach or Counselor. If you are happy with the initial consultation, your Counselor will talk to you about your past history and details of what is happening on a daily basis in your life now, including what’s on your mind. We spend time up front really getting to understand you so that counselling or coaching can proceed as quickly and effectively as possible. Next your Coach or Counselor will propose and explain a plan (what to do in counselling/coaching session) that is designed specifically to produce the greatest amount of change in the least amount of time for you. If you agree, then its off to the races and counseling begins. Each week you and your Coach or Counselor will be working on particular aspects of your goals. Not only will you be asked to work hard during your sessions, your Counselor may assign projects for you to work on during the week, so that your learning and skills continues to develop. The advantage of these sessions is that the rest of your week becomes more and more joyful and empowering.

How long will be the counseling or coaching process last?

The success of these counselling/coaching sessions depends largely on the degree of trust and understanding that develops between the client and counselor. Many factors also determine how long therapy will take and how successful it will be, including the nature and severity of the client’s problems, the client’s motivation and readiness for change, the amount of homework the client does outside psychotherapy sessions, and the degree to which the client’s environment outside of therapy supports change. We have an experienced team of counselors/coaches with in-depth knowledge and skills who will be your partner in this process. Once counselling sessions are underway, the client and counselor can assess all these factors and make a good estimate of how long the engagement may take.


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